6/08/24-1,500+ Swifties in Indiana!

6/08/24-1,500+ Swifties in Indiana!

On June 8th, we played Cedar Creek Winery in Martinsville, IN, a quaint town nestled in the heart of the Hoosier State! 

For a town with a population just shy of 12,000, the buzz around Taylor Made's performance was palpable. We had been seeing ads and posts for weeks about how different small businesses in Martinsville were getting involved in our big night! From bracelet making nights to drink specials around town, there was truly something for everyone in preparation for our show! It was amazing to know just how excited the community was for our trip to town.

All of us in Taylor Made took the stage with energy and enthusiasm, knowing that from the sound of that crowd, it was our BIGGEST yet! It was the first time for me, personally, where the sheer volume of the screams made me tear up as I made my entrance.

Swifties young and old sang along to every hit song, loud and clear through the warm summer air.

What made this evening truly special was the sheer number of people who turned out to support live music in Martinsville. Over 1500 fans gathered under the stars, creating an atmosphere of unity and joy that reverberated throughout the venue. It was a sight that we had only dreamed of—1,500 people, all brought together by a shared love for Taylor Swift's music.

All of us on stage poured our hearts into every note, grateful for the opportunity to perform for such an enthusiastic audience.

Following the show, we debuted our brand new step and repeat banner and did a 1.5 hour long meet and greet. I was so touched by the amount of kids and families that waited after the show to meet Hollyn and me. We were given over 150 friendship bracelets and took hundreds of pictures!

We feel so grateful for the opportunity to get to do this every show. We will continue to chase our dreams, one stage at a time, fueled by the love and support of fans who make nights like these possible.


Written and Edited by Courtney Diamond

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