6/15/24-TM takes JB!

6/15/24-TM takes JB!

Last week, on June 15th, St. Louis, MO, known for its iconic arch and vibrant music scene, played host to a special evening with Taylor Made.

The venue, Jefferson Barracks Veterans Memorial Amphitheater, was lined with blankets, lawn chairs, and people ready to take in our show. Soft lighting and an eager audience of dedicated fans created an atmosphere that felt more like a gathering of friends than a concert.

All the band members prepared themselves—tuning guitars, checking microphones, and exchanging last-minute words of encouragement. There was a quiet excitement among them, as there typically is backstage before our shows.

As the band took the stage, the room filled with the familiar melodies of Taylor Swift's hits. The audience, seated close to the stage, sang along softly, their voices blending with the music in a heartfelt chorus. There were smiles and occasional laughter, as the band interacted warmly with the crowd, making each person feel like a part of something special.

The band poured their hearts into each song, and the crowd was electric! It was a reminder of the power of music to bring people together.

We felt so grateful to share our love for Taylor Swift's music with such a receptive audience.

Nearly everyone in attendance hung around after the show for our meet and greet. We met some incredible families and loved getting to chat with everyone! 

Our busy and exciting summer continues! 🫶❤️

Written and Edited by Courtney Diamond
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