6/22/24-A Night in the Park with Taylor Made!

6/22/24-A Night in the Park with Taylor Made!

This past Saturday, June 22nd, Breese, IL came alive with music and community spirit at "A Night in the Park with Taylor Made," a special event hosted by Clinton County Showcase. Taylor Made was the featured entertainment for the event, which served as a fundraiser for the local community theater organization.

The turnout was nothing short of incredible, with nearly 600 enthusiastic attendees gathering in the park to enjoy the music and support their local arts scene. The atmosphere was radiating with excitement as families, friends, and music lovers of all ages settled in for a memorable night under the stars.

Courtney, the lead singer of Taylor Made, and Hollyn, her talented sister and background vocalist, both have deep roots in Clinton County Showcase. For them, this event was not just another performance but a homecoming of sorts, a chance to give back to the organization that has been a part of their artistic journey. It was an emotional one for them both.

The highlight of the evening was the sense of community and camaraderie that filled North Side park. The audience sang along to every song, (unbelievably loud if we may add!) creating a magical atmosphere that celebrated both music and local talent.

Adding to the fun was a lively costume contest, where fans of Taylor Swift's iconic style had the opportunity to showcase their creativity. From sparkly dresses to cowboy boots, the contest brought out the playful spirit of Swift's fanbase and added an extra layer of excitement to the night.

As the music echoed through the park and stars twinkled overhead, it was clear that "A Night in the Park with Taylor Made" was more than just a tribute concert—it was a testament to the power of music to bring people together and support local arts. The event not only raised funds for the Clinton County Showcase but also reminded everyone of the importance of community and the arts in enriching our lives.

For Courtney, Hollyn, and everyone involved in making this event a success, it was a night to remember—a night where passion, talent, and community spirit shone bright. As the echoes of Taylor Swift's melodies faded into the night, the memory of this special evening will surely linger in the hearts of Breese residents for years to come.

If you missed out on this unforgettable night, be sure to mark your calendars for future events hosted by Clinton County Showcase. Supporting local theater has never been more rewarding—or more fun! 🫶❤️


Written and Edited by Courtney Diamond


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